How are you?

I want you to take this course in your own time — after all, that’s the beauty of being online. You can access it from anywhere, anytime, and you get to decide how long (or perhaps short?) it takes. Whatever you do, know it’s completely up to you. However, I have neatly designed the course as a cohesive ten week situation where you will have plenty of lectures, homework, supplementary activities, and more to keep you busy and lost to dreaming. You all will have 15 weeks to complete and explore the class and its resources, and you will have your workbook, all my tools and a huge pile of resources to treasure forever.

Your syllabus looks like this.

Chapter 00 - Getting Started - Let’s get you going in the right direction. How you start this course is really how you’ll finish it so let’s make sure you’re organized, clear, and know just what to expect while moving through. We hit the ground running, styling our first space together and getting your environment ready for class. The work includes best practices as well as habit making and more.

Chapter 01 - Audience / Pricing - I teach this in my face-to-face classes and it’s the single most life-changing lesson that students never thought they needed to know. This is what big players in the industry know and, once you do, it will absolutely turn the corner for your business.

Chapter 02 - House Story / Naming - This is my own approach and really what sets good Airbnbs and the best in the world apart. Truly, everything comes down to storytelling — even when we’re sleeping, we’re still telling ourselves stories. Let’s find yours.

Chapter 03 - Styling - It’s not about the stuff you have or the budget you have. I’ll give you an example: for Captains Rest, my budget was $800 and I can’t wait to tell you the secrets and how to do it. I designed this section as a class in itself because I know styling is absolutely essential when it comes to setting your home apart. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural, it comes down to an equation and this is how I teach it to both students and industry alike.

Chapter 04 - Photography & Press - Here I teach you how to do your own photography and I give you the lessons and tips I got from professionals in the industry. Knowing how to take your own photos and empowering yourself will save you a fortune over time. Let’s also get your house published by covering the how to’s behind getting your home in some of the best publications out there.

Chapter 05 - Botanicals - I teach you why why botanicals are key for your home by looking at your property, teaching you how to completely change a room with my favorite arrangements, and stocking your cupboards with all the tools and props you’ll need. Here we’ll have some fun.

Chapter 06 - Practicalities & Management - What a big week this is going to be. We dig into how to run your property from platform to housekeeping, how to set it up so you never have to worry again, room by room organization and processes, and I share the life-changing tool that makes sure I only work five minutes a week.

Chapter 07 - Website - Here we’ll get your website together and, in one week, save you ten grand. That’s the cost of this course covered plus enough to take yourself on a fancy holiday, too.

Chapter 08 - Social Media, Marketing & Brand Partnerships - Now that you have a beautiful Airbnb and you’re all organized, let’s let the world know. In this chapter, I show you exactly how to do it, step by step, no matter your proficiency with social media. I promise. I’ve watched every student I’ve taught do this for themselves and you’re going to, as well. It’s one of my favorite things to watch your growth as you take your marketing into your own hands.

Chapter 09 - Wrap Up & Moving Forward - The scientist in me has done a real life study of students coming through this class and here I lay out my findings so you can be successful, no matter who you are or what you have. I guarantee your success is not attached to whether or not you have the most expensive or central property — after all, my property is one of the most remote Airbnbs on the planet and it had been on the market for more than five years before I bought. Why? Because nobody thought you could make it profitable in any way.

Chapter 10 - Pot of Gold: Yours for Life + Making Extra Profit — I’m not going to waste your time by explaining and teaching you things I can just do for you and give you. So here are my tools, master lists, housekeeping manuals, downloads, templates, contracts, and, of course, how to make extra profit.

Suggested time frames for the class.

I get asked why I don’t offer this class with full access forever and the reason why is because research has shown that in having a finite amount of time to complete it, your rate of success is much higher and you’re more likely to actually do it! Honestly, this course is so comprehensive and contains so much work and study that, in order for you to really succeed, we need your dedication to the work at hand. There’s nothing I want more than for my students to go forth, fully ready to conquer the market.

At the end of the course, you’ll take home your plan, workbook, all the downloads, tools, templates, and knowledge you’ve learned in every chapter. What you’ll need for your success forever goes home with you, plus you are connected to the community of grads for life.

Full Time

If you choose to dedicate yourself to this course full time, expect it to take about 10 - 20 days, depending on how completely you throw yourself into it and how long / inspiring / challenging the exercises are.

Part Time

This is how I originally designed the course. Part time, you have all the space you need to sink into the materials, steeping yourself in the content and lectures, diving deep into each exercise. With this schedule, I suggest 1 full day a week or 1 hr/day, throughout the week.

Each week, your self-paced classroom looks like this.


I openly (sorry, mum!) share real world experiences and learnings so you don’t have to make the same mistakes of those who have come before you. Plus, some are just down right entertaining!


Each chapter has a video lecture where I take you through the concept we’re breaking down, apply it, and prepare you for your lessons and homework.


The lessons are a more detailed and in-depth look at the theories and their understanding, taking each concept step-by-step to guide you through the methodical process and application of styling and hosting.

Case Studies

Throughout the course, you’ll follow along with three very different case studies, using each property as an exemplar for practically applying the theories you’ve learned in a real world property.


There is an opportunity to submit questions, and those that are common, or fit a gap in the course materials will be answered, and live as part of each chapter for all to explore.


Each week has supplementary homework designed specifically to enhance your holistic and thorough understanding of the week’s concept, theory, and real world application.


Perfectly designed for you to follow along throughout lectures, lessons, and activities, your workbook will eventually become / act as your property’s business plan and guide.


Hands on work is a beautiful and fundamental part of some of our modules. When we get to these, I’ll set tasks and challenges for you to complete, photograph, and —- if you like —- share with our community.


I have done so much of the hard work with my own property by testing what is a success and what is not. Here, I give you the exact tools, websites, applications, and templates I use and spare no secrets.


This is a self direct school of study, but there are a lot of you out there now! Interaction with each other is by exploring the instagram community via our #hashtags - so you can share your work and story, and connect with those learning along side of you.


Access to some of the best in the business for: Naming, Branding, Web Design, Strategy, Styling, Consulting, and Social Media support. The best part? They will only work with our graduates. 


Once you graduate, you will forever be part of our much-loved community. With access to our alumni newsletter, you stay up to date on new resources, knowledge, events, and useful (and beautiful) going’s on.