I don’t have a property yet, but I am thinking about it / actively looking. Should I wait until I have one before I do your class?

No! Don’t wait. In all honesty, you are the perfect person in the perfect situation to take this class and after graduating, I can promise you your ideas of what you’re looking for are going to completely change —- potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Same goes for if you’re thinking about renovating —- start here! The most common feedback I have had from students so far is that they wished with all their might that they had taken the class before they ever started, purchased, renovated, or hired a management company. Truth!

I love your style, but our place is quite modern so the romantic style (that we all love) is not really appropriate for our particular place. Is this course still for me?

10000% I don’t teach how to style like me, rather I teach how to tease out your own house story and style…then how to style. It’s important to me that you learn how to apply yourself and your style to your space. To date, so many beautiful, diverse, and fall-in-love-with spaces from so many different styles, budgets, and locations are coming out of this class. Maybe yours is next?

I live overseas and I’m worried about not being able to make class, can you still help me?

Yes, our schoolroom is completely online and fully self-directed. You’ll have an access time of 15 weeks where you can pace yourself through the course, no matter where you are in the world. You can structure your class time around your life, your family, and your day. Your workbook, tools and resources are yours to take home for this knowledge forever.

Hi, Sarah — can I be totally upfront and tell you I also plan on hosting Airbnb workshops? I have a few of my own and have been quite successful, so I’d love to learn from you and pass that on, too.

Thanks for your honesty, it’s such a rare trait in this online world! This class has been born out of nearly 20 years across both arts and science, and at last count, has hundreds of creatives at the top of their fields contributing to its knowledge in some way. The approach, or almost a blueprint, really is a science and a model I created, tested, and have taught. As such, the world of this course is my very own and my own very special I.P. At this stage, you passing it on is a breach of a legal agreement you need to accept before purchasing the class. But, hey, I’d love to connect with you — it sounds like you’re doing beautiful things!

It’s a big investment for me...

I get it, I really do. I don’t ever want to sell you on anything, but I can tell you some of the things my face-to-face and online students walk away with. Then you decide?

The amount of advice you receive in regard to process and understanding is worth thousands upon thousands in top tier consultancy fees (of whom you probably couldn’t book anyways as they’re all always booked). At least double what you’d save there when it comes to renovation and styling mistakes avoided, about ten grand worth of tech tools, including how to build your own website and take your own photos. Plus a workbook which turns into your styling and business plan, tools that will literally run your business effortlessly and mindlessly.

After class, I’ve done the maths on students’ increased nightly rates + increased occupancy and it’s leading to huge returns. Talking to grads, we’re seeing a consistent doubling of yearly returns and their properties shifting from a huge stress to a great love and passion.

When it comes to property, renovation and styling, we’re talking HUGE bucks and even more when you do it wrong. I don’t think anyone can really afford to not do it properly.

Is this a video series?

Yes, videos are a big part of your experience here, but it’s so much more. In each chapter, we sit down together (in my video lecture) and I talk you through the topic and demo at hand. After the overview, we dive in deep with lessons, homework, case studies we follow through the course, exercises, and community. This course is dedicated to being the best school you can find for studying the short term rentals without forgetting it is a business as well as an art. My job outside of teaching you is to find the best people out there doing what they do so they can teach me and I can give it to you.

What’s the difference between your class and other ones out there.

Frankly speaking I wanted to make sure that I’m not just telling you what you need to do or think about but emphasising the practicalities about how you get there and how you achieve it. In detail exactly what to do, and when. With total transparency about how I do it.


So…this is an Airbnb class?

Yes, in part…it’s one part hosting, one part my styling class(which I teach in face-to-face workshops), and one part a school that teaches you how to teach yourself so you don’t have to hire anyone out unless you want to.

I wanted to give you one part tech school for all the bits and bobs like photography, instagram, web, and so forth; one part marketing school, one part mentor to help share and explain all the theories around selling and who you’re selling to, and (most importantly) a school that teaches you how to do it yourself.

Nothing you’re doing should be cookie cutter and and when we don’t need to waste your time, I just give you the guff so we can move on to the better stuff. I don’t mind doing that part for you.

This course is really about how you can create the most iconic property, make lots of money, save lots of time, and invest your energy into nurturing a home that’s known, loved, photographed and published forever around the world.

We have a chateau in France? Do you think what you teach in your class would still be relevant for a property there?

YES! This class is global, designed for all types of properties in all locations. I support you in discovering what beautiful things will blossom in ways that are uniquely yours, for a market that’s uniquely yours.

Do you cover tax, bank lending, local laws, and insurances?

Nope, I can’t if i want to do it well and properly! This varies so much state to state, country to country, and I have worked hard to make sure this class is relevant to everyone in the world, always. But here is the info you need for free, just make two calls: one to your accountant and one to your local council. They’ll let you know everything you need!

Is this classroom lead by you and are you marking our homework, etc?

This big, beautiful schoolroom is entirely self-directed by you and created by me. You can submit questions, feedback, praise (do it! I read it!) in every module, and all commonly asked questions, or questions that will benefit our class as a whole are answered and added to the curriculum (or addressed in the appropriate manner). If you have highly specific questions about your own properties, like: ‘Do you think my driveway is too skinny?’ or ‘What do you think of this idea for my house story?’ I also consult via phone one day a week by the hour, so we can work one-on-one in this way. You’ll find out how to hook up that chat with me once you’re in class.

How do I know that after I buy this class my property is going to be a success?

This class is my approach. It’s my own learned, tested, taught and proven strategy. Your success is going to come down to a few things: firstly, the effort you put into this class, the time spent with the material, and your willingness to complete the exercises; secondly, it’s going to come down to you actually doing the work yourself, know what you should be doing and putting in those hard yards. After teaching so many people, there’s an almost perfect correlation between effort put in and level of success. I can’t do it for you, but I can teach you how I (and hundreds of other very successful industry leaders) do it so you can, too.

I’ve seen a few other classes out there, how do I know yours is the best?

That’s a great question and I’ll answer it from the scientist in me. First, look at whose class it actually is —- ask if their work has been published (peer review) and in which magazines (looking for print features rather than blog posts) because a good provider should have work in print everywhere — local, global, digital, in books. Know that industry experts are the ones choosing what work they want to publish in their magazines and books, and they know what they are looking at (bloggers may have great experience and a wonderful eye, but not all are as discerning). I’d look to see if they are being hired as consultants on real-life projects that have had success. Next, look at their students and see the work they have inspired in them. Do they have many? Any? Have they tested their material before and honed their approach? Did they teach or did they collect excellent speakers? If they have honed it in real life, have inspired good work in their students, and have proof points, I would say what you’re looking at is gold.

Do you have Afterpay?

Pretty much, there’s an option to split your payments into a deposit, then a weekly payment for 5 weeks, so it’s the same thing!


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