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Roll call! Everyone here?

Well then — let’s go.

This is your dashboard and you can explore and navigate through the chapters and our classroom via this page. Dependant on which class you signed up to, the buttons in your enrolled section will work, the rest will just take you back to the homepage.

To begin, scroll to your class, and click on the button marked ‘Start Here’.

If you have enrolled in either the Storied Home class or the Hosted Home class, you are so welcome to purchase the other class, which will give you full access to the materials.


The Hosting Masterclass.

I give you all my IP and I teach you exactly how to do it - from start to finish, no matter what you're offering or your project budget. Creating an iconic home that will bring you success — and top dollar — forever is a science and you can learn it. Dive right in!

Storied Home.

Our creative chapters for all of you, home owners, stylists, shop keepers and design lovers. Learn how to tell your stories though spaces, this is your online styling masterclass.

Hosted Home.

For those of you who have the creative nailed, please dive into just our hosting and management and marketing chapters. I do make reference to ‘House Story’ quite a lot. This is essentially the summary of the creative steps and process we cover in our Storied Home chapters, but for you — perhaps frame it to yourself as your vibe, your aesthetic — perhaps your brand (of course you are welcome to sign up to our Storied Home class any time!).

Dashboard FAQ’s

Q. Hi. I'm at a loss on where to find some suitable pictures for the walls. Paintings, prints. Aside for waiting for the annual local art show could you recommend any other places to find reasonably priced art?

Hi! There is a button marked ‘Suppliers & Resources’— I add all my recommendations there!

Q. Hello Sarah, I am wanting to schedule a time for our 1 hr chat …

For those of you who purchased the option to chat with me for an hour, wait till week 4, when the Grad Shop opens up. Use the code to grab your hour free of charge (if you paid for it at sign up), but if you didn’t, and you would love to chat with me for an hour (I would!) — it can all be purchased, and subsequently arranged via that portal.

Q. Hi Sarah, I am loving your class so much - I even wake up thinking about it, it truly is a MASTERCLASS :) I enjoy reading students questions & your invaluable answers - so my next question is once myself and everyone else finishes this class will these & future questions and your informative answers still be available? x

Hi! This is a good question. I have had the absolutely pleasure of teaching 9 face-to-face classes at the time of writing this, so I know with certainty that pretty much every question now that has ever come up has been answered, both online and face-to-face. So this does feel like a complete body of work. While I can’t keep the class open after your 15 weeks, what I will do is IF any very pertinent new information or questions come up, I will send them out in the graduate newsletter.

Q. I am wondering, if it's possible to have an extension for accessing the online portal?

So, we use third party software to manage memberships and our classroom, and as of now, we don’t have the ability to extend memberships. The class takes between 1 - 5 weeks to work through, so we have given an extra 10 weeks for ‘life’. I ask that you start with this knowledge in mind and plan your time in the classroom well, I dearly want you all to get everything you can out of it and then go out and conquer your worlds!

Q. Can you tell me what date my subscription expires? I don't want to miss out as I loved everything so far. Thanks in advance!

Hello! For everyone reading this for the first time, once you make you student account — pop a note in your diary in 15 weeks time so you can keep track of your enrolment. Once you are inside the classroom we don’t have a way (yet) for you to track your expiration day by day, however, you will get sent an email a few days prior to your classroom ending to let you know, and another once it actually has expired.

Q. Can I share my login with a friend or family member.

I’m sorry! We have worked really hard to make sure this content is exclusively available to our paying students and I want to do everything I can to protect each and every student who has give up a lot to be here and make it happen for themselves. Without getting into too much detail, (we monitor IP’s and blocked IP’s) it is possible to tell whether or not sign-ins have been shared and are happening from multiple locations — it really is one log-in per member. However! Once you have learned what you learned, I am so happy for you to share what you learned and how you understand it with your friends and family. It is such a pleasure to watch you go out and help those around you. If you’d like to read a little more, please feel free to re-read the eLearning Course License Agreement you agreed to and have a look over our Terms and Conditions. Thank you for your integrity.

Q. You've probably thought of it already, but if you were to consider a facebook group for grads and participants so we can actually talk to each other, that would be awesome.

I know, I’ve considered it, and I’ve been asked about it a lot. I guess in putting this class together, I feel passionate about giving you all the very best experience, in, the most caring environment to grow into the creative and confident people you all are, or will be. I’ve had my eye on facebook groups, and, in the end they turn toxic, with people just airing the dirty laundry about guests, hand balling their problems, bitching about this and that. There is also a dark side of people creeping into the group to target members with services and products. The whole thing spirals downwards pretty quickly. I’ve been experimenting with a new way of people connecting. Tagging and using The Hosting Masterclass hashtags. That way as you do the class, you can post your work and more about you, and also explore who else is out there, making very genuine and real connections with those who are geographically close or you are just vibing aesthetically with. Some early face-to-face classes started closed facebook groups, and I also experimented with this new way of using Instagram to connect, and by far, the natural connections are so positive and powerful. Ask your questions in class, find new friends you feel good about online and say hi, I promise you a far better community experience. Promise! Have a go and then thank me later. X

Lucky us, we’re some of the first ones to make our way through the online version of this school and I’m so proud. I’ve been sitting here, starting, creating and dreaming it all for months and months…but there’s nothing like an extra set of fresh eyes!

So. If you see something, say something. A confusing bit? Spelling mistake? Broken link? Can something be explained a tad better? Let me know via the form below.

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