Want an iconic home that’s always booked at top price, while you live your dreams?

That’s what we teach you, then — that’s what you create. Welcome to your masterclass in hosting, both as an online school and face-to-face events.


– W A T C H V I D E O –

  • Do you have unrented nights?

  • Are you thinking about getting into the game and need the best start?

  • Have you failed to get press and write ups?

  • Are you uncertain about your styling?

  • Are you hiring other people to do your marketing and photography?

  • Are you spending way too much time glued to managing your home?

  • Do you live in another place than your rental?

  • Do you want some serious design cred for your home?

  • Do you want to be one of those iconic rentals that’s making an absolute killing?

  • Feel like you’re not talented creatively?

I just wanted to tell you its my last day of being a lawyer! I’m going to do this work full time now, it would not have happened if I never attended your course! Em and I are lining up our next project now and want to help others with theirs. I can never thank you enough for giving me the confidence. xxxx
— Face-to-face Graduate
OMG. This is AMAZING stuff. We’re right into the reno now and we’re buzzing. I’m so glad I took the class when I did —- as soon as I got home I was like, ‘MUUUUUMMMMMMMMM! You need to do this, too!
— Face-to-face Graduate
It is so much more than a ‘course’, it will change your life in so many ways. It really is a Pot of Gold.
— online graduate
As a professional in the industry, and having taught at this class multiple times, I can say from both experience and exposure to the landscape that this is the best I’ve come across of its kind, hands down. There is no one else teaching at this level, with this good of content and resources, anywhere.
— @cabinlove
It’s perfect. I had no idea online school could be so F’ing EPIC
— online graduate
I finally signed up last nights. I all ready feel like it’s the best thing I have ever done. I could not sleep last night as the ideas bussed in and out of my brain. Can’t wait to sit down and look at the second chapter. Sarah you are changing lives in more ways than you would know. I feel like I have purpose and a spark again, I have not felt that in a while.
— online graduate
It’s hard to get the words out. I’ve just finished THMC. It’s Magic! Sarah is magic. My budget was VERY limited. But we did it. We are just about ready to host our first guests in a few weeks and are working our butts off, but Sarah has held my hand online while I have taken notes, rewatched the beautiful step by step guides, filled in the workbook and really discovered what I am selling. I feel so alive and pumped about what has been created and cant wait to show you all. I’m off to do the class again in case I missed anything.
— online graduate
I now start most sentences with, “And then Sarah said...
— online graduate
Two days of greatness! This has changed my life forever and I will never forget that.
— Face-to-face Graduate


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Simply put, your property should be big business, rented year-round, every night of the week, but - frustratingly - most miss the mark. I've read that the majority of homes around the world are only rented 30% of the time — at $350 p/n, this is the difference of a business worth $35k a year or one consistently worth $125k a year.

By joining our classroom, online or face-to-face, I give you all my IP and I teach you exactly how to do it - from start to finish, no matter what you're offering or your project budget.

Creating an iconic home that will bring you success — and top dollar — forever is a science and you can learn it.  


The Hosting Masterclass

[ The Art, Science and Methods of Sarah Andrews ]

All of it, our entire self directed school at your fingertips in your home for 15 weeks, anywhere in the world at any time. I’ll give you all of my IP, and I'll teach you how to execute it - from start to finish, no matter what you're offering, what your skill level or your project budget. 

Online — $1100 AUD incl. taxes


Hosted Home

[ The Art & Science of Hosting ]

By popular request. For those of you who have the creative nailed, you can dive into just our hosting and management and marketing chapters. Best suited to confident creatives who just want to learn the game of hosting, how to run them with your eyes closed and the science behind being fully booked.

Online — $650 AUD incl. taxes

— Coming Soon —

Storied Home

[ The Art & Science of Styling ]

And finally, by overwhelming demand we are releasing our creative chapters for all of you, home owners, stylists, shop keepers and design lovers. Learn how to tell your stories though spaces, this is your online styling masterclass. Chapters also include photography, botanicals and social media.

Online — $650 AUD incl. taxes

— Coming Soon —


Face-to-face Masterclasses

[ V A R I O U S L O C A T I O N S ]

We hold these 2 day classes at various locations around Australia, and, soon, around the world. They sell out in days of announcement, so pop your details below to be the first to know about upcoming events.

Our next classes are in Melbourne on the 18th and 19th of November 2019, and Hobart on the 6th and 7th of April.

$2500 AUD plus GST if you live in Australia

— Get Your Seat —

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– If your property is not rented out every night of the year at top dollar, you haven’t learnt the game –


Thats 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars over a lifetime of easy money you’re missing out on. Our students tell us their lives and business dramatically change after just Chapter 1. Get your property, learn the game and then change it. I’ll prove it, download this freebie to start sailing fairer winds with your home right now.






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Notes from our live classes.

Kind words from our face-to-face classes held all around Australia. With seven sell out dates in six months, we had 150 lives changed and it’s anyone’s guess how many projects inspired.

Hear the voices of our much loved ex graduates.




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