Sarah Andrews

No Fixed Address.
May, 2019.

Dearest Reader,

I suppose a good place to start is by telling you the true story of how this all got started. After all, all-in-all, this school is about storytelling —- but we’ll get to that.

It all started when (yes, really, let’s start that way…), I was a young, and rather successful, Spatial Scientist working in a very well-known London engineering consultancy, dealing with some of the largest projects in the world. I loved being a scientist, but working in a cubicle? I could give or take that. Having to be somewhere at 8.30 and competing to see who could be the last one to go home every night was a losing battle.

One day, my boss — an Australian chap in his late 60’s — called me into his office and said, “Sarah, one day you’ll be sitting in my office…” and I think the reality of a life lived like that hit me in an instant. I walked out for lunch and never went back.

I sold my house and started pottering slowly around the world with no real reason other than to just look around. Three years of doing that, countless adventures, a few mishaps — I couldn’t let go of the question about what to do next. What sort of adventure can you have once you have travelled everywhere? The answer came while sitting next to the harbour in San Francisco: Well, what do you do? I suppose you sail back around the other way.”

So, that’s what I did. I bought a boat, spent a year learning how to sail it, and then I did it. I began to sail back around the other way. Those days were some of the most wonderful and magical times of my life — until they weren’t. Not a tall tale at all, but I shipwrecked off a remote Mexican coastline, got adopted by a little town, and — with no visa to be in the country and no passport to get out —- everything I owned was sinking. If you want to hear more and have got a good hour, I tell more of the story in this podcast with Hayden Quinn. I think it’s worth the listen!

Anyway, sitting alone in my little shack on my little beach in Mexico, I started to wonder once again: so what’s next? What do I want to be when I grow up? I’ll never forget a good friend of mine once saying, “You should be doing for a living what you just love to do in your spare time.” It’s good advice so I decided to take it. Taking my scientist’s hat off, I popped a design student’s one on and, upon repatriation to Australia, enrolled back into uni as a mature aged student and dove into the world of design.

Jumping the story ahead. I became the owner of a beautiful little design and marketing studio, once again working for some of the biggest organisations around Australia and the world. But I’m back in my little grey cubicle and instead of battling for 8.30 - 5.30 this time, it’s nearly always sunup to sundown plus every waking hour of my life. Being the boss is a bit different than being the worker.

It’s there, though, that I started to study and dabble in interiors, houses, renovations, and styling — an arm of my business that was truly for the love of it and would become the greatest love of my life.

Like all good tales, here’s where the story turns from light to dark. Not long after, I found myself working on a tiny holiday shack I’d bought in far, far, far away Tasmania. Originally, I’d bought the little place just for myself but, as it goes, I suddenly found myself stuck owning a business I didn’t love, doing work I wasn’t in love with; in a marriage I wasn’t in love with, living in a town I wasn’t in love with. I needed a getaway from it all so, this little shack, at the end of the earth, on the far-side of the water, became it.

A few months into the renovation, in an instant my relationship and my health crumbled. Sitting alone with my laptop in a camp chair on the dusty floor, renovations all around, my current Plan A became Plan C. I fired every design client I had so I could focus on my health and my little holiday shack had to become —- overnight —- one of the most successful AirBnb’s on the planet to pay for it all.

And so with a lifetime of seemingly unconnected experience as a scientist, stylist, marketing expert, boss, traveler, storyteller, and hobbyist photographer, I called on friends I’d made along the way --- some of the best in the world at interiors, press, photography, social media, and tourism – and I did it. In three months. One of the most remote AirBnbs on the planet became one of the most successful. It floated me a six-figure income while I dealt with what I had to and, for that, I am forever grateful to my little shack by the sea.

So what happened then? Well, emails started to trickle in, others asking for help to do what I had done and so I started consulting. Soon they had the same level of success and then the emails started pouring in --- so fast I had to hire someone (Hi, Amanda!) to help answer them and keep it organized. Whomever wants help and wants to learn, I want that for them.

But I’m still a scientist and I had noticed that for everyone who had hired me, I was essentially taking them through the same process again and again. I had created a system that could be modified and adapted, unendingly, always producing rare and unique results. So I would take these people through the formula and I realized that instead of doing the work for them, it’s more efficient and can reach more people by teaching them how to do it. I tested this idea in a two day workshop, which sold out; then I did two more, which also sold out, and the graduates became roaring successes, not just with their properties, but their own creative lives. So, by demand, I held another four classes and added two styling-specific classes, which all sold out and then the wait lists started getting long.

And, now, here we are. By working one-on-one with so many individuals and by teaching so many beautiful groups, I have realized this is special. Beyond that, I have realized everyone who wants access to this course should have the keys to walk through. This is where the long story ends, for now: a world-wide course, accessible to everyone.

These days, I spend my life back where I started, with no fixed address, giving everything back that was given to me.

It is my greatest pleasure and complete honour to guide you, teach you, support you, make you laugh, and help you raise your own voice. After teaching so many, side-by-side, I know that you have something beautiful, unique, and perfect to say. I know you will start this class at one point and end up somewhere totally different than you thought you would --- and wherever you end up will be magical, successful, and life changing. I know you will tell your friends and the same thing will happen for them. One by one, I know the most amazing things are about to happen. You’ll see. (shh, but I think it’s already happening)

And just one more thing, a line I love --

Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.” — Doris Lessing.

So, shall we begin?

All my love,


How are you?

I want you to take this course in your own time — after all, that’s the beauty of being online. You can access it from anywhere, anytime, and you get to decide how long (or perhaps short?) it takes. Whatever you do, know it’s completely up to you. However, I have neatly designed the course as a cohesive ten week situation where you will have plenty of lectures, homework, supplementary activities, and more to keep you busy and lost to dreaming. You all will have 15 weeks to complete and explore the class and its resources, and you will have your workbook, all my tools and a huge pile of resources to treasure forever.

Your syllabus looks like this.

Chapter 00 - Getting Started - Let’s get you going in the right direction. How you start this course is really how you’ll finish it so let’s make sure you’re organized, clear, and know just what to expect while moving through. We hit the ground running, styling our first space together and getting your environment ready for class. The work includes best practices as well as habit making and more.

Chapter 01 - Audience / Pricing - I teach this in my face-to-face classes and it’s the single most life-changing lesson that students never thought they needed to know. This is what big players in the industry know and, once you do, it will absolutely turn the corner for your business.

Chapter 02 - House Story / Naming - This is my own approach and really what sets good Airbnbs and the best in the world apart. Truly, everything comes down to storytelling — even when we’re sleeping, we’re still telling ourselves stories. Let’s find yours.

Chapter 03 - Styling - It’s not about the stuff you have or the budget you have. I’ll give you an example: for Captains Rest, my budget was $800 and I can’t wait to tell you the secrets and how to do it. I designed this section as a class in itself because I know styling is absolutely essential when it comes to setting your home apart. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural, it comes down to an equation and this is how I teach it to both students and industry alike.

Chapter 04 - Photography & Press - Here I teach you how to do your own photography and I give you the lessons and tips I got from professionals in the industry. Knowing how to take your own photos and empowering yourself will save you a fortune over time. Let’s also get your house published by covering the how to’s behind getting your home in some of the best publications out there.

Chapter 05 - Botanicals - I teach you why why botanicals are key for your home by looking at your property, teaching you how to completely change a room with my favorite arrangements, and stocking your cupboards with all the tools and props you’ll need. Here we’ll have some fun.

Chapter 06 - Practicalities & Management - What a big week this is going to be. We dig into how to run your property from platform to housekeeping, how to set it up so you never have to worry again, room by room organization and processes, and I share the life-changing tool that makes sure I only work five minutes a week.

Chapter 07 - Website - Here we’ll get your website together and, in one week, save you ten grand. That’s the cost of this course covered plus enough to take yourself on a fancy holiday, too.

Chapter 08 - Social Media, Marketing & Brand Partnerships - Now that you have a beautiful Airbnb and you’re all organized, let’s let the world know. In this chapter, I show you exactly how to do it, step by step, no matter your proficiency with social media. I promise. I’ve watched every student I’ve taught do this for themselves and you’re going to, as well. It’s one of my favorite things to watch your growth as you take your marketing into your own hands.

Chapter 09 - Wrap Up & Moving Forward - The scientist in me has done a real life study of students coming through this class and here I lay out my findings so you can be successful, no matter who you are or what you have. I guarantee your success is not attached to whether or not you have the most expensive or central property — after all, my property is one of the most remote Airbnbs on the planet and it had been on the market for more than five years before I bought. Why? Because nobody thought you could make it profitable in any way.

Chapter 10 - Pot of Gold: Yours for Life + Making Extra Profit — I’m not going to waste your time by explaining and teaching you things I can just do for you and give you. So here are my tools, master lists, housekeeping manuals, downloads, templates, contracts, and, of course, how to make extra profit.

Suggested time frames for the class.

I get asked why I don’t offer this class with full access forever and the reason why is because research has shown that in having a finite amount of time to complete it, your rate of success is much higher and you’re more likely to actually do it! Honestly, this course is so comprehensive and contains so much work and study that, in order for you to really succeed, we need your dedication to the work at hand. There’s nothing I want more than for my students to go forth, fully ready to conquer the market.

At the end of the course, you’ll take home your plan, workbook, all the downloads, tools, templates, and knowledge you’ve learned in every chapter. What you’ll need for your success forever goes home with you, plus you are connected to the community of grads for life.

Full Time

If you choose to dedicate yourself to this course full time, expect it to take about 10 - 20 days, depending on how completely you throw yourself into it and how long / inspiring / challenging the exercises are.

Part Time

This is how I originally designed the course. Part time, you have all the space you need to sink into the materials, steeping yourself in the content and lectures, diving deep into each exercise. With this schedule, I suggest 1 full day a week or 1 hr/day, throughout the week.

Each week, your self-paced classroom looks like this.


I openly (sorry, mum!) share real world experiences and learnings so you don’t have to make the same mistakes of those who have come before you. Plus, some are just down right entertaining!


Each chapter has a video lecture where I take you through the concept we’re breaking down, apply it, and prepare you for your lessons and homework.


The lessons are a more detailed and in-depth look at the theories and their understanding, taking each concept step-by-step to guide you through the methodical process and application of styling and hosting.

Case Studies

Throughout the course, you’ll follow along with three very different case studies, using each property as an exemplar for practically applying the theories you’ve learned in a real world property.


There is an opportunity to submit questions, and those that are common, or fit a gap in the course materials will be answered, and live as part of each chapter for all to explore.


Each week has supplementary homework designed specifically to enhance your holistic and thorough understanding of the week’s concept, theory, and real world application.


Perfectly designed for you to follow along throughout lectures, lessons, and activities, your workbook will eventually become / act as your property’s business plan and guide.


Hands on work is a beautiful and fundamental part of some of our modules. When we get to these, I’ll set tasks and challenges for you to complete, photograph, and —- if you like —- share with our community.


I have done so much of the hard work with my own property by testing what is a success and what is not. Here, I give you the exact tools, websites, applications, and templates I use and spare no secrets.


This is a self direct school of study, but there are a lot of you out there now! Interaction with each other is by exploring the instagram community via our #hashtags - so you can share your work and story, and connect with those learning along side of you.


Access to some of the best in the business for: Naming, Branding, Web Design, Strategy, Styling, Consulting, and Social Media support. The best part? They will only work with our graduates. 


Once you graduate, you will forever be part of our much-loved community. With access to our alumni newsletter, you stay up to date on new resources, knowledge, events, and useful (and beautiful) going’s on.


I don’t have a property yet, but I am thinking about it / actively looking. Should I wait until I have one before I do your class?

No! Don’t wait. In all honesty, you are the perfect person in the perfect situation to take this class and after graduating, I can promise you your ideas of what you’re looking for are going to completely change —- potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Same goes for if you’re thinking about renovating —- start here! The most common feedback I have had from students so far is that they wished with all their might that they had taken the class before they ever started, purchased, renovated, or hired a management company. Truth!

I love your style, but our place is quite modern so the romantic style (that we all love) is not really appropriate for our particular place. Is this course still for me?

10000% I don’t teach how to style like me, rather I teach how to tease out your own house story and style…then how to style. It’s important to me that you learn how to apply yourself and your style to your space. To date, so many beautiful, diverse, and fall-in-love-with spaces from so many different styles, budgets, and locations are coming out of this class. Maybe yours is next?

I live overseas and I’m worried about not being able to make class, can you still help me?

Yes, our schoolroom is completely online and fully self-directed. You’ll have an access time of 15 weeks where you can pace yourself through the course, no matter where you are in the world. You can structure your class time around your life, your family, and your day. Your workbook, tools and resources are yours to take home for this knowledge forever.

Hi, Sarah — can I be totally upfront and tell you I also plan on hosting Airbnb workshops? I have a few of my own and have been quite successful, so I’d love to learn from you and pass that on, too.

Thanks for your honesty, it’s such a rare trait in this online world! This class has been born out of nearly 20 years across both arts and science, and at last count, has hundreds of creatives at the top of their fields contributing to its knowledge in some way. The approach, or almost a blueprint, really is a science and a model I created, tested, and have taught. As such, the world of this course is my very own and my own very special I.P. At this stage, you passing it on is a breach of a legal agreement you need to accept before purchasing the class. But, hey, I’d love to connect with you — it sounds like you’re doing beautiful things!

It’s a big investment for me...

I get it, I really do. I don’t ever want to sell you on anything, but I can tell you some of the things my face-to-face and online students walk away with. Then you decide?

The amount of advice you receive in regard to process and understanding is worth thousands upon thousands in top tier consultancy fees (of whom you probably couldn’t book anyways as they’re all always booked). At least double what you’d save there when it comes to renovation and styling mistakes avoided, about ten grand worth of tech tools, including how to build your own website and take your own photos. Plus a workbook which turns into your styling and business plan, tools that will literally run your business effortlessly and mindlessly.

After class, I’ve done the maths on students’ increased nightly rates + increased occupancy and it’s leading to huge returns. Talking to grads, we’re seeing a consistent doubling of yearly returns and their properties shifting from a huge stress to a great love and passion.

When it comes to property, renovation and styling, we’re talking HUGE bucks and even more when you do it wrong. I don’t think anyone can really afford to not do it properly.

Is this a video series?

Yes, videos are a big part of your experience here, but it’s so much more. In each chapter, we sit down together (in my video lecture) and I talk you through the topic and demo at hand. After the overview, we dive in deep with lessons, homework, case studies we follow through the course, exercises, and community. This course is dedicated to being the best school you can find for studying the short term rentals without forgetting it is a business as well as an art. My job outside of teaching you is to find the best people out there doing what they do so they can teach me and I can give it to you.

What’s the difference between your class and other ones out there.

Frankly speaking I wanted to make sure that I’m not just telling you what you need to do or think about but emphasising the practicalities about how you get there and how you achieve it. In detail exactly what to do, and when. With total transparency about how I do it.


So…this is an Airbnb class?

Yes, in part…it’s one part hosting, one part my styling class(which I teach in face-to-face workshops), and one part a school that teaches you how to teach yourself so you don’t have to hire anyone out unless you want to.

I wanted to give you one part tech school for all the bits and bobs like photography, instagram, web, and so forth; one part marketing school, one part mentor to help share and explain all the theories around selling and who you’re selling to, and (most importantly) a school that teaches you how to do it yourself.

Nothing you’re doing should be cookie cutter and and when we don’t need to waste your time, I just give you the guff so we can move on to the better stuff. I don’t mind doing that part for you.

This course is really about how you can create the most iconic property, make lots of money, save lots of time, and invest your energy into nurturing a home that’s known, loved, photographed and published forever around the world.

We have a chateau in France? Do you think what you teach in your class would still be relevant for a property there?

YES! This class is global, designed for all types of properties in all locations. I support you in discovering what beautiful things will blossom in ways that are uniquely yours, for a market that’s uniquely yours.

Do you cover tax, bank lending, local laws, and insurances?

Nope, I can’t if i want to do it well and properly! This varies so much state to state, country to country, and I have worked hard to make sure this class is relevant to everyone in the world, always. But here is the info you need for free, just make two calls: one to your accountant and one to your local council. They’ll let you know everything you need!

Is this classroom lead by you and are you marking our homework, etc?

This big, beautiful schoolroom is entirely self-directed by you and created by me. You can submit questions, feedback, praise (do it! I read it!) in every module, and all commonly asked questions, or questions that will benefit our class as a whole are answered and added to the curriculum (or addressed in the appropriate manner). If you have highly specific questions about your own properties, like: ‘Do you think my driveway is too skinny?’ or ‘What do you think of this idea for my house story?’ I also consult via phone one day a week by the hour, so we can work one-on-one in this way. You’ll find out how to hook up that chat with me once you’re in class.

How do I know that after I buy this class my property is going to be a success?

This class is my approach. It’s my own learned, tested, taught and proven strategy. Your success is going to come down to a few things: firstly, the effort you put into this class, the time spent with the material, and your willingness to complete the exercises; secondly, it’s going to come down to you actually doing the work yourself, know what you should be doing and putting in those hard yards. After teaching so many people, there’s an almost perfect correlation between effort put in and level of success. I can’t do it for you, but I can teach you how I (and hundreds of other very successful industry leaders) do it so you can, too.

I’ve seen a few other classes out there, how do I know yours is the best?

That’s a great question and I’ll answer it from the scientist in me. First, look at whose class it actually is —- ask if their work has been published (peer review) and in which magazines (looking for print features rather than blog posts) because a good provider should have work in print everywhere — local, global, digital, in books. Know that industry experts are the ones choosing what work they want to publish in their magazines and books, and they know what they are looking at (bloggers may have great experience and a wonderful eye, but not all are as discerning). I’d look to see if they are being hired as consultants on real-life projects that have had success. Next, look at their students and see the work they have inspired in them. Do they have many? Any? Have they tested their material before and honed their approach? Did they teach or did they collect excellent speakers? If they have honed it in real life, have inspired good work in their students, and have proof points, I would say what you’re looking at is gold.

Do you have Afterpay?

Pretty much, there’s an option to split your payments into a deposit, then a weekly payment for 5 weeks, so it’s the same thing!


Have another question? Submit it.

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The honest truth from those on the other side of class…


In our online school,

“Loving this online format and even though I'm a face-to-face Airbnb masterclass grad, it is so fantastic to go through this again at my own pace. Lots of time to stop, reflect, walk around my place, mull over and germinate ideas, chat to the other half, revisit in a slow paced way and to sit and do the exercises as I go through the topics. Brilliant ! Beautifully and logically presented. Thank you”

“The Hosting Master Class is complete. The whole package. Whether you have a mansion or a shack. THMC makes you really understand your property before you begin. It gives you a place to start. I've just finished the course. Sarah has step by step, beginning to end guides on how to make it all happen. All while giving you the courage to make it your own. And boy is this class beautiful. The filming will take your breath away. I've been researching things for our Airbnb that did not even cross my mind before like scents, smells, names, who will stay, the list goes on. I've also made new friends with local artists who have made things to complement the house. We are just about ready to go. I took someone through today and they cried and said it was so beautiful. WOW.”

“Sarah, I just don't know where to begin! We are just starting to embark on our property adventure and I am so grateful that I took the time to do this class prior to anything else. I feel like you have saved me so much money, time and stress with this easy to use and beautifully designed online course. So many times I've got to a section and sighed with relief that I did this course first because suddenly I can see all the errors in what I was planning prior. While we finish our council planning permits and start ordering our glamping materials, I know every decision we make is the right one and I cannot wait to start our business next year. I started this course as a city corporate with no clue on how to style/run a property and feel like I've finished as a confident property dreamer with a vision I can't wait to begin. Thank you! I feel so empowered!”

“I don't have a property yet but planning to buy although not necessarily to do B and B. I have taken the course without doing the exercises as I go along as I wanted to soak up what you had to say; I have been transported, it has given me real food for thought so much so that now I ONLY want to buy a property to do B and B! The styling and the lessons in organisation (ALL the chapters, in fact) are real lessons in life. I am going to do the exercises on my current house, just as an exercise which will be of benefit to my soul as well as to my future plans. You have made it all seem so possible and you have made me feel like I'm at a real turning point and, most importantly, you have made a business out of what I love most which is 'messing about at home' . Thank you, this is all brilliant and with a much wider relevance than B and Bing.”

“Im also doing this online and what you have created is life changing Sarah. It impacts so many areas of my life which, for me, is the hallmark of brilliance."

“I just wanted to say how much I am loving this course... such generosity on your part in sharing all your knowledge, experience and tips - particularly useful for me as I don't yet have a place - I was already overthinking some things and can see how this is going to save me money and time, and ultimately stress. Thank you so much for being so fabulous and letting us into your world and success xx”

“Highly recommend! I’m immersed in the online class currently and its mesmerising and thought provoking ad informative and so very inspiring on so many levels, Sarah Andrews, you have nailed it.”

“Loving the online format and even though I'm an Airbnb masterclass face-to-face class grad, it is so fantastic to go through this again at my own pace. Lots of time to stop, reflect, walk around my place, mull over and germinate ideas, chat to the other half, revisit in a slow paced way and to sit and do the exercises as I go through the topics. Brilliant ! Beautifully and logically presented. Thankyou”

“What an amazing experience. Sarah’s knowledge + insight has been inspirational to say the least. Before attending this class, I was getting stuck on the small stuff, but after, it all just feels like a breeze. What did I love about this class? Um...everything. And it is that ‘everything’ that makes a successful AirBnB. Connecting with the experts, the best in their fields, and with other like-minded people has given me the courage to do /be better. Thank you to Sarah for giving me this opportunity and believing in me. Thank you to all the teachers.”

“No words .. this online class is OMG”

“Sarah," I have logged in to your classroom for the first time and - wow - it’s amazing. It’s not just the look of it, it is the genuine and loving way you are holding us through the process and I can feel this just from the welcome video. Thank you for creating the course and making it available online - from the bottom of my heart.”

“It's hard to get the words out. I've just finished THMC. It's Magic! Sarah is magic. My budget was VERY limited. But we did it. We are just about ready to host our first guests in a few weeks and are working our butts off, but Sarah has held my hand online while I have taken notes, rewatched the beautiful step by step guides, filled in the workbook and really discovered what I am selling. I feel so alive and pumped about what has been created and cant wait to show you all. I'm off to do the class again in case I missed anything.”

“This is amaze balls, truely x”

“Working hard on the story of our house, would you believe its a settlers cottage! We didn’t even realise how special this place actually is and without your encouragement would not have dug as deep. I can’t wait to get home every day and dive into class”

“It’s perfect. I had no idea online school could be so F’ing EPIC”

“Im signing up for your online school even though Ive been to your face to face class! You really captured my heart with your workshop and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since - thanks again Sarah for your gift to me, even if the property is some time away, you have relit a spark in may that got lost somewhere along the way. Much love to you and may all your dreams continue to come true for you. You’re a beautiful soul.”

“How fortunate am I to The Hosting Masterclass and your team to have collaborated to offer the best online course I have ever enrolled in. It is absolutely beautiful and bloody user friendly. From Sailor Jim and the Gypsy we say Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. X”

“I am absolutely loving my Masterclass, beautiful, practical, inspiring, surprising and focussed on getting the best out of all its students — taking their lives and business to the next level. Thank-you.”

“You are an absolute force of nature.”

“So much beauty in every moment here. So much to celebrate. I’ve signed up to graduate even-though I was a part of the filming crew. I saw it all being created, I heard it all. And I am still in awe! Sarahs capacity to create something, and yes it’s something BIG, out of almost nothing on any budget blows my mind. I’ve been styling professionally around the world for almost 23 years and there is only a handful doing what they love with so much authenticity. Well done lady you!

“I've done it. I've watched all the videos, filled in all of the workbooks, done all of the work and created an air b and b on a TIGHT shoestring budget all while having my handheld by Sarah in The Hosting Master Class. It makes you think, dig deep to create something that is truly unique to you and your area and how to use that to your advantage and tell the story of your home. SO So clever. My husband calls Sarah Magic, we both do. She’s had magic inside of her forever. This course is informative, beautiful and step by step. You won’t want it to end. And you get to have some of that magic too. That’s the best bit. Just do it.”

“Just LOVING the class so far. Such an elegant and fantastic course! I'm so grateful to you for creating it!

“Hi Sarah, thanks for all the love you have clearly put into this. It's so up my alley and I'm really enjoying learning more about the district, the house and it's history so far”

“I’ve just started and it’s really beautiful. You alone make me want to work with my curls and cut my hair off! My biggest problem is stopping myself from skipping ahead to see more of the beauty!”

“IT’S REALLY GREAT. It’s so clear that this is a personal business in every way – it has drawn from your own experiences, and it sets up others to have an equally enriching journey. It’s so rare to find empathy, selflessness and warmheartedness today, and doubly so when dealing with online experiences. It’s all you, and it’s all good. In short – thank you for sharing.”

“I can literally “feel” the love in your content - it’s all a transmission”

“Hi Sarah, loving the classes so far. Only up to Session 2, but I am pacing myself as 1) trying to dedicate the time and 2) I like to take my time and enjoy the moment, like reading a good book or enjoying good chocolate or wine. I find that I get so excited when immersed in your course, that I have to get up and distract myself on a regular basis. So looking forward to the rest of it. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful knowledge.”

“Overall, such a great experience so far. Your modules are beautifully delivered, easy to follow and stimulating. As a trainer and assessor myself, it’s hard to switch that part of the brain off that critiques a training package! Go you, nailing it.”

“You and this course are so inspiring, am just loving it - thank you just isn't quite adequate”

“Ah this is all amazing Sarah. Im only up to chapter 3 and my mind is racing. Such exciting new material to me. I know nothing about all this stuff. I have just been winging it. Im so excited to get out to the my property again and experiment and play with styling. I am also excited to somehow attempt to style my own home and make it a beautiful space - even if three boys tear through it daily - haha. I am definitely somewhat unsure and doubt myself but your are certainly giving me so much through this course to do something amazing. THANK YOU. I love the story aspect and how that solidifies everything. I love sitting down of an evening and plodding through the material and getting lost in it all. Love it xx

“Thank you. I am now well equipped, and I have a strong life raft should there be any stormy weather.”

“I am loving the online course. It is so beautifully presented, mesmerising to watch, thought provoking, inspiring, practical, magical and wonderful to do after the face to face one. What an amazing community you are building.”

“Honestly - this course is life-changing in the best way ever imaginable, you have no idea xx”

“Well, what can I say, sometimes the stars align. I have just completed The Hosting Masterclass. It fell into my lap 2 weeks after we decided to turn our beautiful, first home we ever purchased into an Airbnb. I was so excited. First to see what Sarah had birthed and created, second because.. Well…. where do you start when you decide such a thing. You have so many decisions to make.

Well right here. It’s like magic, Sarah IS magic. It's step by step hands down the ultimate hand-holding guide to starting up an air b n b. It stretches you and makes you think of all of those little details you would often miss in all the busyness and hard work of starting up a business from scratch.

The Hosting Master Class encourages you to really drill down and find your story, find the story of your home and work from there. We had the house – tick, but our budget was very limited. How could we furnish a home and get it off the ground without spending ALL the money? The Hosting Master Class made us go back to basics and really work out what we valued in an Airbnb, what we wanted to create and what was really needed. This class made me think about our surroundings and draw on them and to use what we have. We collected beach finds, dug in the back of the shed and talked to people and artists in our amazing town. Before we knew it, here we are with something unique to our town, a home we are proud of and can't wait to show off to all that come and stay. We are weeks away now from the launch of our Airbnb, ‘The Seamstress and the Sailor’ and I could not be more excited about what we have to offer to this air b and b world. Thank you Sarah for creating such an easy to follow step by step guide with ALL the tricks. I'm off now to do the house all over again and see what I have missed.”

“I finally signed up last nights. I all ready feel like it’s the best thing I have ever done. I could not sleep last night as the ideas bussed in and out of my brain. Can’t wait to sit down and look at the second chapter. Sarah you are changing lives in more ways than you would know. I feel like I have purpose and a spark again, I have not felt that in a while.”

“What can you say! Simply, it’s the best investment you’ll make, in time and business.”

“It is so much more than a ‘course’, it will change your life in so many ways. It really is a Pot of Gold.”

“This class has been incredible. Such a beautiful and thoughtful class full of so much wisdom and knowledge. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and what you have given us in this online school. You could have kept it all to yourself but you have decided to share it with so many and I so value that.

I knew nothing of small business and marketing and how to be authentic in amongst all this and you have taught me how to be yourself and still have a wonderful little business. Thank you.

I have learned so much not just in my head but in my heart too and it has allowed me to start thinking creatively again and allowed me to throw myself into something I’m really loving and enjoying but also seeing it as a business - I was initially reluctant to do this but you have kind of given me permission to see it this way and that’s good.

I’m excited about the journey of hosting our little bus home and at the end of the day, I love that you encourage authenticity and being yourself. This means so much to me. Thank you, you are an amazing woman. I love your clothes too - you’re a stunner. Can’t wait to meet you and have you stay.”

“Last year I packed up my life and moved across the country to start over. I’d gone through a long period of loss and trauma and I was looking for a way to feel okay again. I’d been inspired by the story of Sarah Andrews and the little shack seed turned into a world-class Airbnb, and I wanted to make my own design talk and love of beautiful things and do something similar. I wanted to live in a beautiful old home in a harbor town and create a guest room that would transport visitors into a space that felt magical, that felt like nowhere else they’d ever stayed.

And the universe is serendipitous, so with months after I moved in and began the process of peeling back the layers of time Sarah Andrews launched her online class to teach us exactly how she’d turned her little shack into a sublimely beautiful and successful space. I've never felt so far out of my comfort zone and never faced so many of my fears at once.

Working on this room, this house, it's so much more than arranging objects or choosing paint colors. Its got me truly thinking about who I am and what I want from my life. It’s got me thinking about who I've chosen to be and why. It’s got me getting comfortablish with being exquisitely uncomfortable, and it’s got me surrendering to the process and taking time for things to settle instead of being obsessed with getting the ‘right’ the first try and proving that im perfect. 

What happens with the room is almost irrelevant at this point. Its has become my own masterclass in creativity, in being patient with myself, in learning to listen to my instinct, in facing my deepest fears, and choosing to move toward what truly lights me up and sparks joy in me.”

“So a while back I started following this chic on Instagram. It was probably more like stalking anyway I was so inspired with her work. I had this bright idea to terminate the tenants leave on a little seaside cottage we own, karma bit me hard so to speak. The past 8 weeks we have given it our all. I enrolled in a masterclass with the said lady I was stalking, no not really stalking and she has made me step right outside of my comfort zone and for that, I am truly grateful. She has created a wonderful community that now I am so honoured to be a part of. When I was writing my house story I realised who I am and my whole purpose of being. It was rather overwhelming, to be honest.”

“This course has given me the courage and confidence to recognise and acknowledge my creativity and I am finally going for my interior design, styling and photography diplomas as I have dreamed of, and subsequently talked myself out of for 17 some-odd years. I've always had a knack for decor, styling, DIYing and so on, and my absolute adoration for creating worlds, and being in the created world of others has given me joy unlike anything what the hell have I been waiting for? I hope to grace the pages of magazines some day too. Thank you!”

“Hi Sarah, I had dinner with a friend tonight, starting out in the wedding celebration industry. We were chatting instagram, and all things business... and I found myself sharing so many learnings and insights from the masterclass that applied just as profoundly to her business - in an entirely different industry. It occurred to me how universal your advice is, how practical (I love practical), and how timeless. Thank you for making a course that will apply to so much more in my future than just my little air BnB dream. These really are life lessons.”

I have been watching along for some time now. I am a huge fan of your stuff, and watched in admiration how you have grown it and kicked off this course. I was probably a little too proud to sign up if I am honest, thinking I have most of this sorted in an existing bnb I am running.

After reflecting, and buying another property, I realised I wanted to do so much better than 'good'. I want a booked out place, and a famous and sought after name. My newest project is where I am applying the most learnings from this course, it is the property I feel with most potential and strongest story... So with my next baby in mind. I have submitted plenty of questions, and loving your responses to date - thank you!!

Doing the Hosted Home course was great and exactly what I asked for. The course is beautiful. It’s incredible to see such useful material, displayed so stunning. Inspiring in so many ways!! Well Done to you and all your success.”


… and, from our face to face Masterclasses.

“As a professional in the industry, and having taught at this class multiple times, I can say from both experience and exposure to the landscape that this is the best I’ve come across of its kind, hands down. There is no one else teaching at this level, with this good of content and resources, anywhere.” - @cabinlove

“Since your workshop. I’ve raised my nightly fee from $365 per night to $550 per night. Over the summer I’ve just secured a booking at $1000 per night for a week. Thank you Sarah!  I’m finally feeling the confidence to really turn this into the business i know it’s capable to be.”

“Hi Sarah. Just wanted to let you know our bookings have gone nuts thanks to you! We are getting bookings coming in almost daily now. We are booked out every weekend in winter and July is going mental and nearly fully booked! We have even had a few people asking to go on a waiting list. Amazing and exciting. Thank you thank you thank you Sarah! Xxx”

“I just wanted to tell you its my last day of being a lawyer! I’m going to do this work full time now, it would not have happened if I never attended your course! Em and I are lining up our next project now and want to help others with theirs. I can never thank you enough for giving me the confidence. xxxx”

“Thought you might like to hear about the effect some post-masterclass changes have made! I have paid an extra $25k off my mortgage in five months (on top of my usual monthly payments) due to increase in bookings. I’m spending about hours less in admin each week. I’m getting 600-700 views per month on Airbnb, compared to 300-400 the same time last year. I’ve had six guests already return or rebook for later in the year.”

“The ripple effect you have created Sarah is one of the most profound I have ever seen.”

“Loved it! Omg. I'm so glad I did this now. It's super early days for us, but we've already made some decision over the past couple of weeks based on your course. And some will save us money too, bonus! It was so great to hone ideas and be able to chat to everyone there and make some amazing connections. I feel less in the dark about so many things and I'm so KEEN to get going. Even my husband is jazzed about it. Totally on board. Perfect mix of styling/creative advice and tangible/practical tips. Thanks again Sarah. xx”

“You have created something so beautiful and special in every possibly way and touched all these people, and it’s just the beginning. You should be so proud!”

“It was YOU who gave me the courage to launch my online business that went live today. Im not an Airbnb but I came to your workshop mainly just to meet you and because of the tangible things that are not quite tangible, that I cant quite put my finger on because how do you hold down the rainbow after all? But thats what you are to me and so many. Its this ripple effect that you have managed to have on so many lives. I know you say it’s a science to what you do, but I think there is in equal measure a grace that you bring. You give, and give freely, because Im not sure you know any other way to be.”

“It changed my whole perception about what I thought about Airbnb and what it can be! The investment in your work, Sarah, has already saved me time and money and for this I thank you!”

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for putting on this class. The content you covered was spot on and I absolutely loved every bit of it. Your presentation style is so amazing and easy to follow and the handouts will be invaluable. It was worth every cent and then some. Thank-you. Thank-you, Thank-you!”

“This amazing workshop has given me a great deal of guidance and direction and really helped us to avoid making mistakes we would no doubt have made without it. It has taught me so much of the valuable information that will be key to making our Airbnb a 100% success story!”

“Thank you for giving so much of yourself, for sharing your know-how and little secrets so willingly and freely. You took the time to make each and every one of us feel seen, heard, encouraged, capable, and inspired. For me, personally, those two days were informative commercially, yes, but more a catalyst and driver towards something very significant and meaningful. You’re so fearless and real. It’s contagious. Big changes afoot for me, all thanks to you.”

“I haven’t shut up about you since class. You’re a wonderful human. What can I do for you in return?”

“This course was invaluable and I am so lucky to have attended. It has given me the confidence to make a career change I have been dreaming about. My mind is wide open and my heart is so full of excitement! What helped me most was understanding the ‘special’ and how important special is. I believe understanding this will help me to guide Captains Cottage in the right direction. All the materials provided are so invaluable and will be well-used but it was the delivery that set this masterclass apart from anything else I have ever attended…I was completely engaged for two whole days. And, of course, beautiful Eliza and Cheryl working alongside you was simply divine.”

“Sarah equipped me with the tools I need to create an iconic AirBnb property. The content covered was spot on and Sarah’s teaching style is relaxed and easy to follow. The venue was beautiful and it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded women in the industry. Thanks, Sarah, for a great workshop!”

“The masterclass was full of industry insights and practical know how to take your business to the next-level. I think everything taught and so generously shared by Sarah and her crew will prove life changing!”

“I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to absorb your knowledge face-to-face and hear all this in your own words. Whilst my project hasn't started yet, I have my property and this now gives me the tools to start my business on the right path, from the start. Your simple explanations make so much sense and the additional resources are the most awesome references! Can't wait to get started.”

“Hi, Sarah. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and confidence to continue my dream (now actually believing that I can achieve it). Your words are constantly in my head and have given me focus and vision and drive. The little team of you, Marnie and Eliza work perfectly together and the love and great respect you have for each other is strongly felt. You gave us great insight into the workings inside your head, but still left enough mystery for us to want to know more. Maybe it is this mystery that makes people want to go and stay at Captain’s Rest!”

“Your work is about purpose, creative expression, beauty, making something from nothing, well-being, being present, and choosing to live. I booked your course because of the value of Captain’s Rest that came through. Why life is important, worth living and precious. I’m so glad I did.”

“I loved connecting with a like minded community. I like your approach to managing Captains Rest, you focus on the small details without taking on too much stress. It made me realise that just because we live right next to our airbnb i want to take a similar approach so i am not involved in the daily grind. Your team of presenters were awesome and I walked away from the two days feeling truly inspired. xx”

“Life changing! I was already excited about this whole AirBnB process but the course has taken it to the next level. The main thing for me is really looking at it like a business, and offering an iconic home and experience to transport guests out of their normal lives. It changes every choice you make when you look at it from that perspective - and you can have fun and be really creative with it. And that is my jam!! Also the technical info re photography and the practical info re management will make a big difference. All the links we have just received are amazing - I just want to quit my day job!! Your generosity is to be commended! Thank you Sarah”

“I loved everything about this course, the content is amazing everyone in your team is so giving of their time and energy and of course expert knowledge. The things you taught me are mind blowing, so much less stress and work also, less wear and tear on my property. Thank you Sarah and thank you to all your team members.”

“Gorgeous Lady, thank you so much for the masterclass. You broke it into the perfect pieces. I feel like I got my money’s worth in the first two hours. Absolutely magical. I want to do it over again.”

“OMG. This is AMAZING stuff. We're right into the reno now and we're buzzing. I'm so glad I took the class when I did —- as soon as I got home I was like, ‘MUUUUUMMMMMMMMM! You need to do this, too!’”

“Beautiful, Sarah, I cant thank you enough for your fabulous masterclass - it was the bomb! It was extremely informative and you made everything so simple to understand. I’ve already recouped the costs of the workshop through just one of your many amazing tips. Worth every cent!”

“I’ve got so many things going around in my head and heart since the workshop. So, so thankful that I was lucky enough to attend — it was simply superb.”

“What an amazing experience. Sarah’s knowledge and insight has been inspirational, to say the least. Before attending this class, I was getting stuck on the small stuff but, after, it all just feels like a breeze. What did I love about this class? Um...everything. And it is that ‘everything’ that makes a successful AirBnB. Connecting with the experts, individually successful in their fields, and with other like-minded people has given me the courage to do / be better. Thank you to Sarah for giving me this opportunity and believing in me. Thank you to all the teachers.”

“I now start most sentences with, “And then Sarah said...”

“Life changing! I was already excited about this whole AirBnB process but this course has taken it to the next-level. The main thing for me is really looking at it like a business, offering an iconic home and experience that transports guests out of their normal lives. It changes every choice you make when you look at it like that - plus you can have fun and be really creative with it. That’s my jam! Also, the technical info regarding photography and the practical info regarding management will make a big difference. All the links we have received are amazing - I just want to quit my day job! Your generosity is to be commended! Thank you, Sarah.”

“Two days of greatness! This has changed my life forever and I will never forget that.”

“This brilliant course wove its magic on many levels. Firstly, the energy and generosity of sharing from Sarah was breathtaking and refreshing. Sarah is captivating, engaging, knowledgeable, and thought-provoking. Importantly, she exudes a kindness and graciousness in her approach to business and dealing with people. She is pragmatic and practical despite being a free spirit that usually would be hard to bring back to earth. This two-day course followed a wonderfully logical journey covering an incredible amount with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and tease things out. I always thought I was a really good bed-maker, however, I've learned a new way that is not only practical, but also luxuriously comfortable and freer than my tightly tucked sheets usually are. There's a metaphor in there for the whole approach to hosting guests about loosening up, taking a breath, chilling out and allowing yourself to shine through a bit. We learned how to take the best kind of photographs to create a real sense of atmosphere and experience in our spaces. And so the two days unfolded, full of information and guidance on every single aspect of running an accommodation business including the nitty-gritty of marketing. This was an exceptional workshop. I loved every minute of it. I am inspired and excited and motivated to create an experience and somewhere special and memorable for people to stay. I am excited by possibility. Thank you, Sarah!”

“Sarah, you are one in a trillion and like many have said, you have changed how I am in my life in so many ways, far beyond the parameters of your masterclass. When I ponder what it is exactly, I understand it is your authenticity foremost, your vulnerability and resilience, your sense of fun and your capacity to see way, way, way outside the box. Not to mention your warmth, kindness, respectfulness, generosity, openness and unbelievable cleverness! They are big lessons you effortlessly teach. Bravo!” 

“The course gave me the focus, energy and direction I needed to overcome self-imposed obstacles in making our cottage an iconic property. There is nothing like the company and instruction of independent and creative women to motivate and inspire! As a bit of a process person, I loved many of the of practical details you generously shared. A path forward filled with exciting promise.”

“This course came at a time when I was feeling lost. I had a successful restaurant business but I was yearning to break out my creative side. Sarah gave me the confidence to back myself first and foremost and then gave me the tools to do it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”


Wow Sarah, Sometimes I think - 'imagine if I didn't know this and went on with the project without all this wisdom!' which is a horrible though!. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone and everyone. It's helped me convince my mum & dad that I can take the reins of their property and turn it into a money making business - that they actually might have some money to retire with and not only have to rely on the income of long term renters. This alone, thinking what I can give my parents, makes me 100,000 times glad and grateful that I have done the course. I thought so often how generous it was of you to share your wisdom with us all, following your own success. What a kind, and loving thing to do for others. And you have done it so well. Thank you thank you thank you!

“I have loved every aspect of this online class! I come to The Hosting Masterclass not as a property owner, but as a rural and remote agriculture-based business manager. Whilst I have a background in successful (award-winning, even!) tourism enterprise development, I found this course to provide a higher level of understanding. I learnt so much, far more than I could have ever envisaged! I can't wait to implement all of my newly learnt strategies into both staff and guest accommodation on the remote cattle stations that we work for. Thank you Sarah, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. The Hosting Masterclass was the best investment to my learning and professional skillset.”

“Sitting here with tears of gratitude. The Hosting Masterclass had been advertised somewhere ... I can’t quite remember now, but I printed out the invitation for a face to face class ... I kept dreaming! Then, we met at the inaugural Albert & Grace workshop and I was smitten. I could learn so much! from your tribe so I came home and booked your online course. I keep revising, just in case, not wanting to miss a word. I’ve always considered life to be a learning experience no matter your age. You’re never too old to learn new things. I’ve enjoyed every moment of THM online course and can’t wait for the THM face to face. My future Airbnb is on the city fringe not in a seascape or rural area but I know in my heart of hearts it can be successful ... I just have to be patient (something I’m not good at!) for my tenants to move out and then I can begin. Thank you Sarah you’re an inspiration and role model for what can be achieved when we come together and support each another. With gratitude!”